About Me

As a Corporate Consultant for the internal communications team at ENGIE North America, Hunter Atkins champions generating the content, devising strategic communication plans, and directing lead-generation campaigns. His area of focus primarily includes renewable energy and the company's newsletter. Atkins' range of skills is impressively varied, including copywriting, publication development, social media management, public relations, crisis and change management, and comprehensive communication. These skills see Atkins playing an instrumental role in molding ENGIE's communication blueprint.

Hunter hails from the vibrant city of New York, born to Robert Atkins and Elizabeth Hayt. His mother, Elizabeth, was a trailblazer in the fashion industry, penning for Vogue and serving as an art historian at the esteemed Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). His father, Robert, was a litigation lawyer held in high regard. As an only child, Hunter was enveloped in an environment promoting intellectual exploration and encouragement.

Hunter exhibited an affinity for communication and writing from his early years, ultimately driving him toward a career in this domain. He was keen to make a difference in the corporate world and embarked on a journey that would define his professional path.

Besides his commendable writing prowess, Hunter Atkins thoroughly understands public relations and crisis management. His skill in crafting detailed communication strategies that traverse complicated situations and manage organizational change effectively is noteworthy. Atkins employs a strategic method for internal and external communications, ensuring the messages align with the company's goals and strike a chord with the audience.

Throughout his career, Atkins has validated his ability to manage crises while keeping open, transparent communication channels within and outside the organization. His cool-headedness and critical thinking abilities under pressure make him a valuable asset during tumultuous times. His adaptability in modifying communication strategies to suit unexpected events or preemptively addressing potential challenges showcases his competency in crisis communications.

In the fast-paced renewable energy sector, Hunter stands out as a dedicated professional with a deep understanding of the significance of strategic communications. His passion for the industry and his capacity to drive engagement through meaningful content positions Atkins as a critical influencer in ENGIE North America's success. His contributions to the company strive towards a greener future, while championing the company's mission and vision.

Outside his professional commitments, Hunter relishes immersing himself in literature, appreciating art galleries, and indulging in outdoor pursuits. These multifaceted interests stimulate his creative thinking and inspire his communication strategies, allowing him to infuse a unique angle into his work.

As Hunter Atkins continues to significantly contribute to the communications and renewable energy field, his passion, understanding, and steadfast dedication promise to chart his continued growth and leave a significant imprint on the industry.


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